The NavMac Concept

248 Navarro Drive
Seguin, Texas 78155
(830) 303-9305

NavMac is designed and exists to solve a problem. NavMac was spun off from a sister manufacturing company in 2011. The manufacturing company is 30 years old. The development of new Intellectual Property, manufacturing of prototypes, and new marketing campaigns very seldom fit well with small manufacturing companies structures. NavMac is now available to fill that role for other companies so that their production process is not interrupted. The worst thing for a small manufacturing company is to develop a smooth manufacturing process and, then, have it disrupted by projects that do not pertain directly to that process.

NavMac has worked for companies with sales between $5M and $1B plus. We have successfully proven that concepts work or don’t work. It is just as important to know when something doesn’t work as to know when it does work. Subjects have ranged from oil field products, processing of a commodity, plc controls, machine software, and manufacturing equipment.

The cost to prove or disprove an experimental concept is very hard to determine. NavMac can quote hourly rates and maximum amounts so that the customer has some concept of the cost. Our sister company can quote small production runs.

Time is everything with the development of new concepts. The first to market often wins the race. NavMac believes that tomorrow is too late. Our attitude is that “When you call we are late”. This is obviously only a philosophy because it does take time to perform. We intend to be faster than your competition.