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The intelligent abrasive saw that cuts small to large items rapidly and with precision. Program your cut lengths and push “go” Odysseus® fights the rest of your battles for you and does everything, except change the blade and remove the cut part.

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The Development of Odysseus

Abrasion cutting is much faster than any other cutting technique(band saw, edm, laser, water jet, etc.). The difference between the Odysseus Saw and other abrasive saws is that the part revolves as the blade is cutting. Both the work piece and the cut piece are supported at all times to ensure stability. Since the blade does not remain in the same cut there is a relatively small amount of heat introduced into the material.

The uniqueness of our design provides some very impressive market advantages. One of the larger abrasive saws currently on the market is a 48 inch blade with a 50 HP motor. The saw will only cut 17 inch material. The Odysseus® saw will cut a 7” wall or a 14” round with a 20 HP motor. A large advantage of the Odysseus® design is that there is not a design limitation on the diameter of the piece to be cut, but we are limited by the blade diameter the saw is designed to incorporate. A saw could be designed with a 36” diameter blade, that would rotate a 96” diameter part, but the thickest wall section that could be cut would be 15”, or a solid bar of 30” diameter.

Furthermore, our saw only inputs about 200 degrees F to the alloy when cutting a 3” wall and that could be reduced by adding water cooling. Not having to have water cooling is a big attraction. Certain alloys require a lower induced temperature than is available on a normal abrasive saw because they will crack or distort badly. The horsepower requirement of our saw is determined by the blade size. The current blade sizes offered are 20”, 24” and 36”.

The cuts made by the saw are square to the O.D. or I.D. of the piece. The cut is square to the diameter on which the piece is chucked. This is a huge advantage when machining the cut piece. The cut piece may be chucked against the chuck face or chuck jaws will assure that the piece is perpendicular to the chuck face and the face of the cut piece is parallel to the chuck face.


  • Big cut, small blade
  • Cold cut does not distort material
  • Longer lasting blades due to the reduced heat
  • Square cuts
  • Programmable lengths
  • Fast cuts
  • Adjustable Automatic Down feed speed and pressure