Horus Temperature Controller

HORUS Manual
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Horus® is the Egyptian god of the sun. The right eye of Horus is the hot sun and the left is the cold moon.

The Horus® temperature controller is the most versatile induction heating controller on the market. The advantage of this unit is that it gives you direct control over the temperature once you set the capacitors to the coil.  Exact temperature readings are made using thermocouple or infrared sensors. Horus offers three options for heating parts: preheat, single step heat treat, and multiple step heat treat.


  • Heats part to desired temperature and holds it as long as needed
  • Ramp, hold, and ramp down temperature in steps
  • Complete data collection stored on a flash drive. Monitor up to four discrete inputs such as power, cooling temp, pressure, kw/sec, etc.
  • Control other equipment by using the four relay type outputs
  • Network compatible – control unit via computer or phone
  • Provide programmed temperatures to within +/-15F
  • Easily programmable using touchscreen
  • Program up to 100 recipes with 10 steps each

We named this unit Horus®, because it allows you to control the heat and the cold. There are many options available to fit your operation. Contact us for more information and pricing.